Christina Tonkin Interiors

"Seamlessly blending classic and contemporary, the interiors she creates are coveted by millions"



Christina Tonkin Noble is an interior designer and set decorator. She has honed her distinctive style, a seamless blend of classic and contemporary, over nearly three decades in the film and television industry and, more recently, in residential interiors, art consulting, and event design.
Christina began her career in the art department on films like Summer of Sam and Meet the Parents before joining Jeremy Conway’s Emmy-nominated production design team on Sex and the City. Over six seasons of HBO’s landmark hit, Christina dreamed up interiors that have become as iconic as Carrie and Co.’s fashion-forward ensembles. From there, Christina went on to decorate sets for the six-season run of Gossip Girl, outfitting the luxurious homes, hotels, and hideouts of the scheming Upper East Siders. Both shows are now enduring classics, and Christina’s work has become synonymous with modern New York City style.
Renowned for imagining living spaces that reflect the characters who occupy them, Christina brought Ms. Bradshaw back to the 1980s for The Carrie Diaries. In 2016, she recreated the Bronx in the 1970s for Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin’s Netflix series The Get Down. She is currently the set decorator for the second season of Showtime’s high-stakes hedge-fund drama, Billions.
Christina’s thoughtful, sophisticated eye and ability to combine functionality with silver screen fantasy has made her a sought-after designer for private residences all over New York City. Additionally, she works closely with the Art Production Fund and Artsy, curating collections for film sets and private clients.
Christina splits her time between her Long Island City home and her Maui farm along with her husband Ben and their rescue dog, Atticus.