It’s always the same dream. I’m in the city and I belong. Manhattan is mine.

Though The Carrie Diaries was set in 1984, it debuted in 2014, meaning that the look of the show had to feel modern enough to be worthy of its stylish predecessor while also paying homage to the historical era - which Christina calls “aspirational authenticity”.



For Carrie’s room in Connecticut, Christina combined adult Carrie’s eccentric approach to fashion and the high schooler’s burgeoning love affair with New York City. Because Carrie’s mother has just passed away when the series begins, Christina laced memories of her through her daughter’s space; the upholstered, wooden-armed desk chair (a replica of Carrie’s from Sex and the City) belonged to Carrie’s mother, while the portraits above Carrie’s desk (by artist Claudia Lynch) were birthday gifts from her.



Larissa, an editor at Interview Magazine, becomes Carrie’s mentor, and her brick-walled high-ceilinged loft is exactly where a young up-and-comer like Carrie might aspire to reside. Christina imagined that Larissa, a party animal, “took the loft over from a wealthy over boyfriend and is slowly bringing in her own things.” It’s filled with eclectic fabrics and pieces, some of which are likely “souvenirs from photo shoots.”