The only enemy more dangerous than a man with unlimited resources
is one with nothing to lose

Axe Capital



At the end of the first season of Billions, hedge fund magnate Bobby “Axe” Axelrod destroys the Axe Capital offices in a paranoid frenzy. For season two, Christina (under production designer Michael Shaw) conceived of Axe Capital’s refurbished headquarters as a reflection of Axe’s re-emergence from chaos and his determination to protect his castle at all costs. The result is a severe, oppressive space in which nothing can be hidden; unforgiving white surfaces, chrome fixtures, and glass dividers come together at hard edges. Even the art has a message; each piece represents a different take on destruction.



Far away from his workplace in distance and in style, Axe and wife Lara occupy this luxurious Connecticut estate. Christina designed the kitchen and living room to look thoughtfully (and expensively) decorated but still functional for a family. Meanwhile, the bedroom is the embodiment of sex, with lustrous, sheen-coated fabrics draped over an oversized, elevated bed. The room’s explicit sensuality, however, is specifically intended to highlight the lack of intimacy in Axe and Lara’s crumbling marriage.



For Axe’s city crash pad, Christina turned an empty hotel suite into a purposeful, elegant space that is equally appropriate for a late night scotch or a high-stakes business meeting. The showstopper is the Italian blown-glass chandelier, which offers a softer, rounded counterpoint to the straight lines and sharp angles, and implies that the occupant of this apartment is the sun within his orbit.